I’m VFX Generalist TD currently at Method Studios NY.

    As a generalist TD I tried all aspects of CG production from which in traditional sense I enjoy effects, rigging, shading, lighting, rendering the most
In more general sense I enjoy mainly building tools and procedural assets (Houdini Digital Assets/Shelf Tools/Softimage ICE Compounds) for artists to solve various technical problems which often became part of the pipeline (in any of CG areas). As I was usually working in very small teams (1-2 people) I ended up being an artist using those assets as well so I tend to put emphasis on easy of use, flexibility and efficiency of my tools to make it really useful and valuable for production.

    During 16 years of working with CG ( 9 as a professional ) and by using various software packages (3ds MAX, Cinema 4D, Maya, Softimage, Houdini, …) I’ve gained strong understanding of CG in general regardless of the software used. This helps me to think outside of the box when solving technical challenges and combine this knowledge to produce an efficient solution.


2011 – 2012  |  MA Digital Effects – Bournemouth University, NCCA

2003 – 2007  |  BA Animation – Academy of Music and Performing Arts, Bratislava, Slovakia

Work Experience ( years )

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Houdini, Softimage, Syntheyes, Nuke

Python, VOP/VEX, Softimage ICE

Cinema 4D, Maya, 3ds Max, Mudbox, Fusion


Effects, Dynamics, Rigging, Shading and Shader-writing (VEX), Lighting, Rendering, Scripting (Python, VEX), Problem Solving

Animation, Tracking, Compositing, Modelling